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Fine French & Italian Lingerie

About Tanga Fine Lingerie

We have traveled the world over and think you will agree, this is the finest collection of lingerie in one place that one can find. Whether its lingerie, daywear or nightwear, we have been able to assemble and provide to you some of the most sought after collections the world has to offer.

We pride ourselves in providing exquisite apparel, friendly and reliable customer service and above all your satisfaction. If you are buying fine lingerie as a gift or just for yourself, we hope you enjoy your shopping experience here at Tanga and more importantly, that you will simply adore wearing these products.

About the Collections

Lise Charmel of France

Since the 1950s Lise Charmel has been at the foray of French luxury corsetry, specializing in opulent fabrics for a discerning clientele. The Lise Charmel client is not a slave to fashion but one that marries elegance with romanticism. More recently they have launched their diffusion line of corsetry for the larger woman without compromising on the style or the fabric.

Aubade of Paris

Having existed for over a century, this fine French lingerie company is above all a large family of 450 collaborators sharing the same values and the same vision for the future.

At the AUBADE helm, the third generation of the PASQUIER family is perpetuating the movement initiated by Claude Pasquier, creator of the brand and its expression in the sphere of seduction.

As the fruit of months of research and studies, each product is unique, boasting a concentrate of Aubade savoir-faire. No less than 15 different fabrics in each bra - from high-profile fabrics to small reinforcements, each assembly operation requires a specialist worker. The Aubade lingerie workshops benefit from longstanding savoir-faire and respectful craftsmanship with great attention to detail resulting in unique end product quality.

Each collection requires long months of work. From the imagination connected to fashion themes, desires in tune with the times, manufacture and delivery to boutiques, to finally gracing women's bodies, two years have elapsed.

Ravage of Paris

Ravage has built a strong reputation for its meticulous attention to quality in the fabrication of its French luxury-line products. Its growing success is the result of a perfect marriage between precise technology and dedication to style. Ravage has succeeded in developing new balance between comfort, femininity, sensuality and flawless quality.

The Ravage woman is a seductress at heart, appreciative of beautiful materials and with a sense of fashion. She wants to enjoy herself and shows herself off to her best advantage. Buying lingerie is a pleasure for her. Accordingly each year, the company introduces six new lines with a dozen or so articles in three or four colors.

Figuratively Ravage means to break hearts and to give rise to irresistible passions, which is the underlying message since the brand's existence in 1990. There are two distinct Ravage women: the Feminine and the Seductress.

Rien of France

Bold and daring are the descriptors for Rien's French lingerie. Rien's styles are edgy and modern while maintaining maximum femininity. These collections are not for the faint-of-heart. The Rien woman is confident with her body and with her individuality. Rien is located in Lyon France .

Nina Ricci of Paris

In 1932 France, Madame Ricci launched her own couture house and today remains a household name. Renown throughout the world with her prestige brands of clothing and Fragrance, Nina Ricci has more recently evolved its own luxurious lingerie collection. The finest fabrics are hand picked and adorned with rich embroidery such as Cornelly and Guipure.

Argentovivo of Italy

Relatively new to the outside of Italy , this company is ready to take on the global marketplace. This Italian lingerie label has stunning styles that ooze glamour and seduction yet are versatile to be worn at the disposal of the client. Not for the faint of heart, Argentivivo is a fashion collection built on innovation with unique fabrics and finishes. This collection is truly original, decorative without excess and above all comfortable.

Cristina Iaia of Italy

With over 15 years of experience from Le Perla, the Italian designer Cristina Iaia launched her own line of corsetry and is a huge success! Her collections are addressed to the modern woman, who like comfort, fashion, and to astonish from time to time. The lace and fabric in Crsitina Iaia's collections are some of the finest and most feminine in the world.

Simone Perele of France

"Today every one of us is multi-faceted and wishes to express her femininity in all possible ways. We take pleasure in wearing simple, comfortable lingerie one day, something more sophisticated the next, and once more are looking for glamor and refinement for everyday wear. Another observation is that womens' tastes from every corner of the planet are tending to become increasingly similar." - Catherine Perele , France

Chantelle of France

Sold in more than 50 countries, Chantelle is the top brand of French lingerie in the world.

With over 100 years of expertise, Chantelle has never stopped dressing women with beauty, elegance, and the comfort only a product of quality can give.

Chantelle lingerie is unique in that it offers all women a product in which to feel beautiful.

Barbara of Paris

Barbara is a Parisian based lingerie producer. This family owned company began in France in 1926. They are a designer of lingerie with character. Barbara lingerie designs are considered creative and contemporary while also sensual and elegant. These collections have unique details and fit very well.


Millesia means Vintage, aligning itself with the quality label of fine wine and champagne. Such a comparison rings true with Millesia selecting only the finest fabrics and laces to adorn its collections. Since it's inception in 1994, innovation has always been a key focal point with the sourcing of new fabrics. Millesia is the baby of the corsetry maker that manufactures also for the prestigious luxury house, Nina Ricci lending itself to the sophisticated and elegant client base.

Fruit de la Passion

For the first time in the USA Fruit de la Passion is making a splash in the finest lingerie boutiques in the US. Fruit de la Passion is a Sao Paulo, Brazil, based lingerie design and manufacturing company that was started 15 years ago by two sisters, Cecilia Bourdon and Marie Alba Romeu. Cecilia is the creative mind behind Fruit de la Passion’s designs. Cecilia previously worked for 14 years at one of the largest lingerie companies in Brazil; previously she spent two years living in Paris where she studied the designs of numerous European lingerie designers and the materials they used. The company launches new collections every month. Fruit de la Passion’s day and nightwear lingerie are luxuriously designed with the finest quality fabrics, embroidery, laces and ribbons that stimulate the sophisticated women’s femininity and sensuality. Fruit de la Passion is a designer label that translates the ever changing desires of a woman into reality by creating a range of collections that are ultra-feminine, modern and exquisite.

Special Thanks

We would like to thank our photographer, Jesse Rawski, for creating beautiful photographs for our store. His ability to manipulate lighting is amazing. You can find Jesse through www.faynart.com

We would also like to thank our model, Jacqueline F. at Shirley Hamilton Talent Representation, Chicago (312)787 4700, for her professional approach to the photo shoot. Not only was Jacqueline a treasure to work with but she was also able to give us so many great photos from which to choose. Many times we only took six to eight photos because she was able to highlight the features of the product quickly and beautifully.

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